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What's the difference between a website created using TOTA Manager and a traditional one?

"We believe that Evaluating the Options is an extremely important stage of the purchase process, which every good entrepreneur should not avoid before investing time and money in tools that nowadays are fundamental for their business development. For this reason, without being afraid of a comparison with our competitors, we prepared a Comparison Matrix to help you in taking the best decision, bringing to your attention some facts."

Daniele Nunziata
(Web Funnel CEO and TOTA Manager System creator)

# Question TOTA Manager Traditional Website purchased from a Web Agency Traditional Website provided by the Network or the Franchising
1 What are you purchasing?

A Service

TOTA Manager is an SaaS (Software as a Service) system, hence it is sold as a service under a subscription. There is a fee paid for using it and not purchasing it. When it is not needed anymore or if it doesn't produce the expected results, you can simply cancel your subscription. Furthermore, TOTA Manager is not a website but a software that dynamically generates web pages (landing pages) to sell tours, along with enabling to do other things.

A Product

The agency purchase the website as a product, but it can't be resold (like a car) when it is not needed anymore of if it doesn't provide the expected results, because it is customised and/or because this is forbidden by contract from whom built it.

A Product

Same limitations of the traditional website.
In addition, both Networks and Franchising offer websites with limited functionalities and/or database shared by all the affiliates, providing very often unsatisfactory results.
Furthermore, being not a priority for the Networks and the Franchising, these websites are often obsolete and/or missing of important functionalities.

2 What is the objective of your supplier?

To provide results to the Customer that, if satisfied, will renew the subscription.

To offer cutting edge, secure and efficient tools because, albeit TOTA Manager is designed to be adapted to the needs of different agencies, our goal is to enable all of them to obtain satisfactory results and then to renew the subscription with us.

To Deliver the website as soon as possible to get paid.

To Deliver the website as soon as possible to get paid and then move to the next customer. It's not uncommon that the seller just disappear after having been paid.

To Deliver the website as soon as possible to get paid.

As for the website point but even worse, because the website has been tailored on the requirements provided by the Network/Franchising and not by the agency.

3 What kind of cost are you incurring into?

with PERIODIC payments according to the plan selected by the Customer
(monthy, quarterly or yearly)

Il costo varia in base alla durata che scelgo io, posso provarlo gratis per 30 giorni e alla scadenza, posso decidere di rinnovarlo solo se ottengo i risultati sperati


The whole fixed cost has to be paid on the delivery, even without obtaining the expected results.


As for the website point, but even worse as in in some cases this cost is imposed by the franchising.

4 Which warranties do you have at purchase time?

Satisfied or get your money back +
Custom duration

You have 30 days to test your TOTA Manager and then to claim for a full refund if the system doesn't satisfy your expectations. Also, we don't force the customers to stay with us with annual contracts but we provide the options to choose also shorter durations: quarters and even months.


You pay everything on the delivery and if you change your mind or if the website doesn't meet your expectations, no refund is due.


Also in this case you pay everything on the delivery of the website or an annual fee, without any chance to be refunded if you change our mind or if the product doesn't meet your expectations.

5 Which results have obtained the existing customers?

Take a look to our Customers Reviews

On our website, on the page Customer Reviews you can find the feedback of some customers that, after obtaining the expected results, decided to "put their face" on the site, writing a review on TOTA Manager.

None o not measurable

How many websites for Travel Agencies have they delivered? How many of those (if you are not their first customer) produced results? And what kind of results are we talking about (the only relevant one are the sales figures...)? Ask the right questions! 

None o not measurable

Same question as for the website case!!!

6 How much time it will take to put on-line my offers?

Online within 48 hours from the purchase order

TOTA is ready to be used, it is only necessary the technical time for configuring the system and the internet domain. Furthermore, it is a system already tested and used for a long time by many agencies.

Several weeks or months for your website to be online.

On top of the medium-long timeline for the implementation of your website, it needs to be added the time needed to fix issues and bugs that you will find only when you and your customers will start using it, because it is a website built specifically for your Agency and then it has never been tested "in production" previously.

Online in short time
(less than a month)

The timeline for going online should be short and you should not face particular issues because the Franchising usually offer already tested websites. Obviously the above depends on the Francising network because this might not be among their priorities.

7 Who will be in charge of the development of new functionalities?

Included in the subscription fee

TOTA Manager is continuously evolving. Several updates released frequently, add to TOTA Manager new functionalities constantly.

Not included

Usually the website stay the same for 3-5 years.

On the Network/Franchising

The website stay the same usually for 3-5 years, especially if their initial investment has not yet returned completely.

8 Who will be responsible for the maintenance and the security of the utilized hardware and software?

Included in the subscription fee

Both the software and the hardware on which TOTA Manager relies on, are constantly checked and update to ensure they work as expected 365 days per year and 24H a day.

Not included

Websites with no maintenance  and, without nobody that keep them secure, are often subject to malicious attacks exploiting the security holes existing in the obsolete systems, usually performing illegal activities toward third parties for which the director of the travel agency is considered liable.

On the Network/Franchising

As for the custom website case, when security and maintenance are not included it is an issue, but this decision relies completely on the Network or Franchising.

9 Who I can contact for the post-sales support?

Included in the subscription fee

Support through email and ticket system always free. Also, on our website is always available a FAQ area, which includes the answers to the mot common questions and the user manual of the system

Not included or only for limited time

When this is not included, you risk be left, when necessary, without any support, when who implemented your website just disappear after getting his payment and/or he is not interested in providing such service if not, obviously, under payment.

Not included or only for limited time

As for the website with in addition the challenge to talk with whom implemented your site, because it is someone that worked for the franchising and not for you.


Will my Marketing department/employees have the tools to operate autonomously?


TOTA Manager è lo strumento ideale per chi fa marketing, grazie a strumenti come "Google Analitycs" o "Piwik" per le statistiche del sito, il "Pixel di Facebook" per le campagne di remarketing sul Social Network, la Sitemap autogenerate in XML per l'indicizzazione nei motori di ricerca, ecc.. Quando escono nuovi strumenti cerchiamo di integrarli tempestivamente e senza alcun aggravio di costi per l'agenzia.

Hardly, but spending money you could tackle the issue.

Se mancano delle funzionalità non previste dal network o dal franchising al momento dell'acquisto o se queste funzionalità sono nate successivamente, non potrai fare altro che segnalare loro il problema e sperare che investano denaro per cercare di risolverlo

Hardly, and you can't do anything to fix the issue.

If you need any functionality missing by the time of the purchase, you can't do anything more than raise a request to the franchising, hoping that they decide to invest money for implementing it


Do you want to see TOTA Manager in action?

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