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The ultimate solution to Sell Travels Remotely

If you are a Travel Agency or a Tour Operator, with TOTA Manager you can create specific websites for Flash Sales.


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Publishing flash offers is quick and easy!

Watch the video below!

Publishing and Selling your offers online has never been so quick and easy:

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What you do:

enter all your Best Offers in the Google Sheet that we provide to you.

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What TOTA Manager does:

show the offers to your Potential Customers, collecting the information "in real time" from the Google Sheet you have filled out and highlighting what you need to EMPHASIZE to Secure the Highest Number of Remote Sales.


Nota: If you're wondering "what is a Google Sheet?" Is a spreadsheet. Google's "Sheets" work like Microsoft's "Excel" sheets, but unlike these, they can be used for FREE, wherever you are (from your phone, tablet or computer) without buying any license and without installing any software on your PC.

Do you want to see TOTA Manager in action?

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Why is it the #1 Remote Sales System in Italy?

  • + It is the 1st SaaS (Software As A Service) System to Sell Travels in Italy

    TOTA Manager is a web application that we provide to our Customers, on Internet, as a "service under subscription".

    For our Customer this means:

    Being sold as a service, TOTA Manager is not a product aimed to be delivered as soon as possible, to get paid and then disappear the day after. Conversely, being a service, it is "guaranteed" for the whole duration of the subscription and the customer has to obtain results, if we want to hope in a renew of the contract when it expires.

  • + It is the 1st System that applies the Principles of the Science of Persuasion to Sell Travels

    TOTA Manager allows to create landing pages (web pages specific for sales) that apply marketing principles able to influence the users and persuade them to execute a particular action and/or purchase particular product and services.

    For our Customers this means:

    To maximize the chances of selling travel packages remotely and to increase considerably the possibility to get results very quickly.

  • + It is the 1st System to Sell Travels with 100% Money Back Guarantee if not Satisfied

    Purchasing any version of TOTA Manager (base, professional or advanced), you are entitled to try it for FREE for the first 30 days from your order, without any obligation.

    For our Customers this means:

    Anytime, within 30 days from the order, if they are not satisfied for any reason, they will be able to ask a full Refund of what they paid, without having to provide any explanation.

Who has already chosen TOTA Manager?

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